Company profile

SK Trading was
founded in the 1980s and was renamed SK(Gold Taste) Ltd 
in September 2007
With a prominent presence in Hong Kong, SE Asia and western countries forover three decades, SK (Gold Taste) receives industry recognition in the region and beyond for stringent quality control, unfaltering integrity and the corporate ethos that combines professionalism and pragmatism.
SK (Gold Taste) operates two self-owned brands, namely GOLD TASTE BRAND and MICH BRAND, with a view to catering to the unique taste and varying needs of the industry in Hong Kong and Macau through 200-plus quality products with choices of packaging specification.
Among the wild array of offerings under the roof of SK (Gold Taste), vermicelli and Korean sweet potato vermicelli are highly prized for their unparalleled quality. Besides self-owned brands, SK (Gold Taste) takes pride in the myriad wholesales exclusivities under its belt. Brands represented solely by SK (Gold Taste) include TIAN TAN, CHANCE, and CROWN PEARL. Thanks to our purveyance in full product range, we are also the distributor of choice of the PAGODA BRAND vermicelli.
SK (Gold Taste) imports canned food, vermicelli and noodles, grains and oil, as well as marinade and seasoning, particularly from SE Asia (China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia) and western countries including the US, Canada, Chile, South Africa, etc. We maintain a corporate management style that drives the synergy of our strength and the long-term partnership with local and overseas food producers. We take to heart the latest market trends and strive to answer its call by providing the best-in-line products and maintaining their quality throughout the production line through relentless research and field studies conducted by in-house seasoned experts. In addition, a comprehensive food inspection system and national import and export documentation are in place to ensure compliance with import requirements of individual countries, thereby gaining the trust of our clientele.
This pursuit of excellence in the past 30 years has guided SK (Gold Taste) in its extension of presence to America, Japan, Europe, SE Asia and Middle East. We are the selected distributor of food products for 5-star hotels, catering service providers, Chinese restaurants, chain restaurants, supermarkets and flight operators.